IS means any information system, an EPR solution, an e-shop website, or any other software.

Integration means the transfer of data from different sources (IS) or provision of unified data to users.

API means the Application Programming Interface. It is a set of ready-made functions, structures and constants provided by an application (library, service) for use in third-party software (IS).

HTTP means the Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is an application-layer communication protocol (originally in the form of HTML hypertext documents).

HTTPS means the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, an extension of the HTTP protocol that supports encryption. Data communicated via HTTP are “packed” into a SSL or TLS cryptographic protocol. In contrast to HTTP, HTTPS uses the ТСР 443 port by default.

XML means the eXtensible Markup Language.

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) means the JavaScript-based data exchange format.

E-shop means a client or a partner of CDEK who has concluded the e-shop contract.

Cargo package means an indivisible unit of cargo sent by the e-shop (there may be several packages in a single order).

Shipment (order) means a sum of all packages that are simultaneously sent by the e-shop to the same direction.

Volumetric weight means an estimated value of weight in kg. It can be estimated on the basis of specified package dimensions according to the following formula: length * height * width / 5,000. This conversion method is commonly used by carriers.

Actual weight means a value of weight determined by weighing a package on a scale. There are net weight and gross weight. Net weight is the weight of cargo without package. Gross weight is the weight of packaged cargo.

Estimated weight means the greater of volumetric weight and actual weight. Services are priced on the basis of the estimated weight.

Pickup point means a place from which receivers can pick up their orders. Pickup points may be CDEK warehouses or cargo terminals of partners.

CDS means the CDEK Courier Delivery Service.

International order means an order for which the sender's country is different from the receiver's country and at least one country is not a member of the Eurasian Customs Union.


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