Registration of refusal


The method is used to register refusal to order for return to e-shop.
After successful registration of the refusal, the order status changes to "Not delivered" (code NOT_DELIVERED) with the additional status "Return, refusal to accept: No reason explained" (code 11).

The order can be canceled in any status until the status “Delivered” or “Not delivered” is set.

Request for Registration of Refusal

In order to use this process, a POST request should be sent to URL:


{order_uuid} is the CDEK IS identifier of the order to be necessary to register refusal.

Response to the Request for Registration of Refusal

The response body is returned in the JSON format:


Field name


Field type

Mandatory (yes/no)

1entityData of the refusal
1.1uuidOrder identifier in the CDEK IS to be necessary to register refusalUUIDno
2requestsData on the request/requestsrequest[]yes
2.1request_uuidRequest identifier in CDEK information systemUUIDno
2.2typeRequest type (CREATE)string()yes

Current status of the request
May take on values: 

ACCEPTED - pre-validation passed and request accepted
WAITING - the request is awaiting processing (depends on the execution of another request)
SUCCESSFUL  - the request was processed successfully
INVALID - the request was processed with an error

2.4date_timeDate and time of setting current status of the request (format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ)datetimeyes
2.5errorsRequest processing errorserror[]no
2.5.1codeError codestring()yes
2.5.2messageError descriptionstring()yes
2.6warningsRequest processing warningswarning[]no
2.6.1codeWarning codestring()yes
2.6.2messageWarning descriptionstring()yes 

    "entity": {
        "uuid": "72753031-826d-4ef7-b127-1074f405b269"
    "requests": [
            "request_uuid": "72753031-69ee-4daa-86b2-28e903af2ffc",
            "type": "CREATE_REFUSAL",
            "date_time": "2020-08-24T12:10:10+0700",
            "state": "ACCEPTED"


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