Passport data information


The method is used to get information about passport data (informs about the ready to transfer orders to customs) for an international order / orders.

Request for Passport Data Information

In order to use this process, a GET request should be sent to URL:


Request Parameters

The following parameters are supported:

No.Field nameDescriptionField type



1order_uuidOrder identifier in CDEK information systemUUID [ ]yes, if cdek_number isn't specified
2cdek_numberCDEK order numberlong [ ]yes, if order_uuid isn't specified

Client for which information about passport data will be returned: sender, recipient

If the value is not specified, then information about passport data will be returned both for the sender and by the recipient


Response to the Request for Passport Data Information

The response body is returned in the JSON format:

No.Field nameDescriptionField type



1ordersList of ordersorder [ ]no
1.1order_uuidOrder identifier in CDEK information systemUUIDyes
1.2cdek_numberCDEK order numberlongyes
1.3passportPassport data informationpassport [ ]yes

The client for whom information about passport data was returned: sender, recipient

1.3.2passport_requirements_satisfiedRequirements for passport data are satisfied (actual for international orders):
true - passport data is collected or not required
false - passport data is required and not collected
2errorsRequest processing errorserror [ ]no
2.1codeError codestring()yes
2.2messageError descriptionstring()yes
3warningsRequest processing warningswarning[ ]no
3.1codeWarning codestring()yes
3.2messageWarning descriptionstring()yes

  "orders": [
      "order_uuid": "72753031-e460-49ab-add6-030ddba1bc94",
      "cdek_number": 1114267441,
      "passport": [
          "client": "SENDER",
          "passport_requirements_satisfied": false
          "client": "RECEIVER",
          "passport_requirements_satisfied": false


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