Service Description


The Data Exchange Service implements a set of methods necessary for the transfer and synchronization of data between CDEK and the client e-shop or a partner representing the e-shop.

The interaction with the Service is implemented on an online basis, using the standard HTTPS protocol and JSON format.

Requests may be initiated by IS of a client or CDEK (using webhooks).

Mode of Interaction

The integration platform of the CDEK IS implements the asynchronous mode (for the order creation method), which ensures that the response is returned synchronously.

In other words, we accept a request to perform an action on entity, synchronously perform the static validation. If this stage is completed successfully, the response is returned (HTTP 202) with UUID entity. In parallel with the response (HTTP 202) the system runs a background process of full validation (for example, checking the availability of a route, tariff, etc.) and performing an action on the entity in the main CDEK system.

Information on asynchronous processing statuses can be requested via UUID or webhooks by subscription.

Messaging Rules

When writing a message, you should observe the following rules:

  • You should pass the authorization token in the header.

  • Exchange of messages should be made in UTF-8 encoding.

  • If a message element is optional, you may write the message without this element or leave the element value empty.

  • If a message element is required, you may not leave the element value empty.


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