Details of pre-alert document


The method is used to load details of a given pre-alert document.

Request for Details of Pre-alert document

To use it, sent a GET-request to the URL:


{uuid} is the CDEK IS identifier of pre-alert document, details of which are required.

Response to the Request for Details of Pre-alert document

The response body is returned in the JSON format:


Field name


Field type

Mandatory (yes/no)

1entityData of pre-alert document over which request is sent


uuidPre-alert document identifier in the CDEK ISUUIDyes
1.2prealert_numberPre-alert document number in the CDEK ISstring()no
1.3planned_datePlanned date of transmit of orders to CDEKdateTimeyes
1.4shipment_pointCode of the CDEK pickup point to which orders will be transmitstring()yes
1.5ordersOrders which will be transmit to CDEK[ ]yes
1.5.1order_uuidOrder identifier in the CDEK ISUUIDyes
1.5.2cdek_numberCDEK order numberlongyes
1.5.3im_numberOrder number in the Client ISstring(40)yes
2requestsData on the request/requests over the pre-alert documentrequest[]yes
2.1request_uuidRequest identifier in CDEK information systemUUIDno
2.2typeRequest type
May take on values: CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, AUTH, GET

Current status of the request
May take on values: 

ACCEPTED - pre-validation passed and request accepted
WAITING - the request is awaiting processing (depends on the execution of another request)
SUCCESSFUL - the request was processed successfully
INVALID - the request was processed with an error

2.4date_timeDate and time of setting current status of the request (format yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ)datetimeyes
2.5errorsRequest processing errorserror[]no
2.5.1codeError codestring()yes
2.5.2messageError descriptionstring()yes
2.6warningsRequest processing warningswarning[]no
2.6.1codeWarning codestring()yes
2.6.2messageWarning descriptionstring()yes

    "entity": {
        "uuid": "72753031-9c28-4ce6-889f-4ef99008a0e4",
        "prealert_number": "PA/1305/386",
        "planned_date": "2021-08-03T13:08:49+0000",
        "shipment_point": "NSK27",
        "orders": [
                "order_uuid": "72753031-924c-4db8-b158-9a5148fc3e83",
                "cdek_number": 1107487669,
                "im_number": "1627452531640"
                "order_uuid": "72753031-bce5-4f06-801a-45c047f94269",
                "cdek_number": 1107487670,
                "im_number": "1627452533178"
                "order_uuid": "72753031-7657-4d64-81a8-ff00c0870d25",
                "cdek_number": 1107487671,
                "im_number": "1627452534559"
    "requests": [
            "request_uuid": "cf1bbbdc-0a3b-4bcd-8495-aa2f0a759a38",
            "type": "CREATE",
            "date_time": "2021-07-30T14:09:09+0700",
            "state": "SUCCESSFUL"


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